A real HARDCORE BNB investor club

BNB48 Club® is a hardcore investor club founded in spring 2018. The predecessor is a investor group with a minimum requirement 50,000 BNB in 2017.

The name of BNB48 was inspired by idol girl groups such as AKB48, SNH48, CKG48, BEJ48 and others that originated from Japan.

48 had no exact meaning at the beginning, although the club once started the activity of #SellAt48BTC which was stopped since the adjustment of trading rules.

At present, the meaning of 48 is defined as 1 BNB = 48 BTC, which implies a good vision of BNB.

The founding members of BNB48 Club® are a group of investors who have similiar ideas.

Currently, members are distributed in more than ten countries, and it is an international community with internationalization and diversification.

What we all have in common is that we are all holding a certain number of BNB. At present, a member holds more than 26000 BNB in average (up to 2019/4/27).

Based on this simple common interest, BNB48 Club® is willing to contribute to BNB actively, including but not limited to knowledge sharing, investment analysis, community publicity, technical support and so on.

BNB48 Club® and Binance

BNB48 Club® is a member of the BNB community, and Binance as the issueer of BNB, is the largest and most important member of the BNB community. They may have cooperation but have no relationship in any sense.

Some members are also Binance Angels, which are individual behaviors. It is not the requirements or instructions by BNB48 Club®.

Similarly, the participation of Binance employees in BNB48 Club® is also an individual behavior. It is not the requirements or instructions by Binance.

Community Resources

48 Meida

Through WeChat, Weibo and Twitter, BNB48 Club® provides the evaluations of trading assets and other products. It also plays the role as the a community members to supervise and give advice to Binance. For example, BNB48 Club® was the first one(self-media) to point out the nature of pyramid scheme of Fcoin in 2018. It is also the first(and only) one to point out the deficiencies of information disclosure and asset segregation of the BNB Vesting Plan.

Binance ecosystem development

BNB48 Club® actively participates in the ecosystem development of Binance and Binance Chain. BNB48 Club® developed the Telegram community bot(widely used in Binance community) and Binance statistics bot. BNB48 Club® also participated in the translation of Binance API document, Binance Chain document, and testing, open source contribution. BNB48 Club® firstly issued and listed Token in Binance Chain and Binance DEX testnet.


Koge48 points, also referred as Koge48 or Koge, is the 48 club management/issuance points. Koge48 points can be obtained by donation, chat mining, holding BNB to receive airdrop and so on.

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Binance Chain Validator(Preparing to participate)

BNB48 Club® will enrich, activate and feedback to the BNB community. Binance Chain is a decentralized public chain launched by Binance. BNB48 Club® will actively participate in the Binance Chain infrastructure development.

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